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You can conquer anything with the right attitude when surrounded by love. If an old, blind and deaf poodle in Idaho can do it with a HUGE smile, you can do it too, whatever “it” is.  It’s that “can do” feeling-that if Margaux could do it with a huge smile despite all of her challenges, YOU can all do it too.

 When I’m Headed into a workload or week, I just think about Margaux and I just fly through it!  It’s like there is some magical power of Margaux! It works all the time…

Debi Greiman Trauth

Lovely to see you all on your walk---what a wonderful place you live in---after Margaux passed I sat in my garden and it was a hot sunny day ---I said Yay Margaux and looked up at the sky and there was a fluffy white cloud which was clearly the shape of a white poodles fluffy head--here in England---she is everywhere and always will be---Yay Margaux !!! Much love to you all xxxxx  

Julie Mudie

You were so determined honey, brave an inspiration for a lot of humans, Margaux I 💘 and miss you, you were so special.

Rosie Anderson