Meet Margaux

Margaux was a standard poodle who became critically ill at the age of eight. Her doctors didn’t think she would live to see her ninth birthday. Not only did Margaux survive, she thrived!

Despite debilitating arthritis and autoimmune diseases with mysterious symptoms that ultimately caused her to become blind and deaf overnight, Margaux met it all with her signature smile and can-do attitude.

Even though Margaux is no longer with us, her spirit endures.  Join our community, and share in Margaux’s inspirational message – that any challenge can be overcome with a can-do attitude and, most importantly, a smile!

Waggy Tails

No challenge or hurdle is too large for Margaux, the most resilient and happiest poodle you will ever meet!  Now, children of all ages can join Margaux on her adventures in a series of picture books, The Incredible Adventures of the Awesome and Amazing Margaux. You’ll be won over by Margaux’s infectious smile and can-do attitude as you follow her adventures through the brightly colored pages and detailed illustrations of the magical Poodle Resort & Spa. 


Say YAY Margaux!

You can conquer anything with the right attitude when surrounded by love. If an old, blind and deaf poodle in Idaho can do it with a HUGE smile, you can do it too, whatever “it” is.  It’s that “can do” feeling-that if Margaux could do it with a huge smile despite all of her challenges, YOU can all do it too.

When I’m Headed into a workload or week, I just think about Margaux and I just fly through it!  It’s like there is some magical power of Margaux! It works all the time…

-Debi Greiman Trauth

Lovely to see you all on your walk—what a wonderful place you live in—after Margaux passed I sat in my garden and it was a hot sunny day —I said Yay Margaux and looked up at the sky and there was a fluffy white cloud which was clearly the shape of a white poodles fluffy head–here in England—she is everywhere and always will be—Yay Margaux !!! Much love to you all xxxxx  

-Julie Mudie

You were so determined honey, brave an inspiration for a lot of humans, Margaux I 💘 and miss you, you were so special.

-Rosie Anderson

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