Who is Margaux?

From day one, Margaux was the happiest poodle you could ever meet.  Her signature smile lit up the room.

When Margaux was eight years old she became extremely ill with a rare autoimmune disease. Her symptoms came on so quickly her doctors weren’t confident that she would make it to her ninth birthday. But Margaux was always full of surprises. Just when we thought we would be saying goodbye, she gave us the biggest surprise and rallied.

While she remained a very ill dog, Margaux continued to love life and have more fun than anybody.  Despite debilitating arthritis and becoming blind and deaf overnight when she was almost 12 years old, Margaux continued to have that signature smile and can-do-attitude we all know and love.  Not only did Margaux survive, she thrived! 

Throughout the sharing of Margaux’s journey, she picked up quite a large and loyal social media following. They began to share her struggles and triumphs while cheering her on, every step of the way. The audience for her daily livestreams continued to grow. Everyone looked forward to catching up with Margaux and her three sisters.

Sadly on July 29, 2018 just four months shy of her 14th birthday, Margaux succumbed to age-related kidney disease with her loving parents and sisters by her side. The fact that she survived with so many struggles is nothing short of a miracle, and she did it all with a smile on her face. Even though Margaux is no longer with us, her strength lives on within us, and the memories we were able to create with her will be a constant inspiration for the rest of our lives. 


“Margaux is my favorite symbol of pure love, living in the moment and appreciating the little things.”

-Michele Ziereis 

Margaux’s smile is what I see when I hear her name. She inspires me to never give up! There is so much more to live than we could ever imagine. I see love in the form of a white standard poodle. YAY Margaux!!!

-Charlette Shoji 

Thank you for bringing Margaux into our lives. She is still bringing love, hope and positivity to people around the world. What a magical, Amazing girl. Love you! YAY Margaux! 

-Chelle DiAngilo 

Her zest for life, never giving up and her smile through everything. Margaux exuded love for everything and everyone and still does. YAY Margaux! She truly did inspire me because I am going through some challenges and I remember I have to smile and never give up. Miss you, my lovely.

-Chyrrel Laundre 

I think of all of my bad days and how watching Margaux made me think less of them and more of myself and how no matter what life throws at you we can still find a way or something to push us threw. Margaux had Scott, Laura and the girls…I had HER! 

-Jennifer Evens 

The first thing that comes to my mind about Margaux is she always saw and heard with heart. Her heart was one of love, happiness and courage radiating through her smile. YAY MARGAUX!

-Marie GsArt

The Origin of YAY Margaux!

If you’ve followed Margaux for even a short time, you’ve heard it. YAY Margaux. YAY Margaux! YAAAAAAAAAY MARGAUX!

So, how did it start and what does it mean?

Frankly, it was hard to spend time with Margaux and not say it. We started saying it long before she lost her sight and hearing. It started when she first got sick with autoimmune diseases.

Margaux explains it best in one of her upcoming children’s books: “Everyone says, ‘YAY Margaux’ whenever I do something brave. I love hearing them say, ‘YAY Margaux,’ so I do a lot of very brave things!”

In September 2013, at the age of eight, Margaux became extremely ill overnight. Our veterinarian asked us to take her to a specialty veterinary hospital in Boise. Even though we knew it was her only chance, it broke our hearts to leave her there. It took every bit of strength not to crawl into the hospital bed with her.

The drive home to Sun Valley was devastating. We were so afraid we would never see her again. We kept telling each other that she was getting the care she needed and that a specialty hospital with round-the-clock care was our only hope. Still, we couldn’t help but question our decision. After all, how could we leave our Margaux looking like she was at death’s door? We listened to Frank Sinatra for the three hour drive and then had to put on a brave face for Lucy, Chloe and Susie who didn’t  understand why we came home without Margaux.

After 48 hours of IV antibiotics and endless tests, Margaux was ready to be picked up. The five of us drove to Boise, unsure of what we would find.

We shouldn’t have worried! Margaux greeted us with her signature smile! She had won over everyone at the hospital. It wasn’t the first time we were told by complete strangers how incredibly special she was. This was, however, the first time Margaux beat the odds and cheated death.

Despite shaved patches and bandages all over her body from all the tests, Margaux was grinning from ear-to-ear! Her signature smile made all of us feel better.

How could you not say, “YAY Margaux!”?

For almost five years of challenges and debilitating illnesses, Margaux was always ready to take on the day…and, always with the exact same smile she had before she got sick.

A paw that looked like she had a tropical disease or rattlesnake bite? Smile! YAY Margaux!

Painful eye infections that ultimately led to the removal of both eyes? Smile! YAY Margaux!

Crippling arthritis? Smile! YAY Margaux!


We are certain that even after Margaux lost her hearing, she could hear the expression, “YAY Margaux!” in her brain.

Margaux LIVES to be almost 14 years old, the lifespan of healthy standard poodle. Smile, YAY Margaux!

We learned so much from Margaux.

We can’t help ourselves. YAY Margaux!

We say it over and over! It makes us smile.

We stress different syllables. We chant it. We sing it. Everyone else joins in, and then can’t stop saying it.

The expression epitomizes her spirit.

It is fun to say and it makes you smile…especially when it evokes the vision of Margaux’s smile in the face of adversity.

YAY Margaux!

We want you to know that Margaux is not alone in this type of response. Look around you. Every person with additional challenges makes a go of it. They just don’t have a helicopter, over-sharing father videotaping and posting everything. Without a doubt, Margaux was unique and special, but there are many Margauxs in this world.

So, when you say or sing or even think, YAY Margaux, you are also celebrating all the people and animals that overcome what seems to be impossible.

YAY Margaux means different things to different people. But, it always has the same underlying CAN DO spirit that just makes you want to do stuff and be happy. When you are happy, guess what? Others around you become happier, too. It’s crazy, but true.

Try it now. Just blurt out YAY Margaux. Do it again. This time sort of sing it. Have your friends join in.

We say it randomly, whenever the mood suits us. Yes, it did start as an expression that you can hear us say on multiple old videos when Margaux accomplished what appeared to be the impossible. She would trip and fall, get up with a big smile and then just to do it again and again until she figured it out. But, it has grown to be so much more than that.

What are you waiting for???


Our Mantra – YAY Margaux!

Everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, we say, “YAY Margaux!”  What most people would find discouraging, Margaux viewed as a challenge that she would take on proudly.

After becoming sick, there were so many new milestones she had to reach. She fought hard and was so strong! Margaux was a true inspiration. We cheered her on every step of the way by saying, “YAY Margaux!” We then began to say it when we needed some encouragement or to congratulate ourselves for accomplishing something, no matter how trivial.

The simple saying took on a whole new meaning.  It is not just cheering on our blind and deaf poodle. It’s saying no matter what you’re facing, you can do anything if you put your mind to it! 

Those two words, “YAY Margaux!”, have inspired so many people. We hope that by sharing Margaux’s message, more and more people will get through each day with a positive outlook. If that deaf and blind poodle in Idaho could conquer life’s challenges with a HUGE smile on her face, then you can too!

Love & Licks,

Laura and Scott

Meet The Poodles

We want to clear up any confusion about the poodles in real life versus the poodles in the books and animated videos. To learn about the animated poodles, visit Meet My Family. Margaux did a great job describing everyone! This is a quick introduction to the “real life” poodles and Wolfgang the Cat.

When we started writing the first Waggy Tail, we decided to include all of our pets with whom Margaux had lived. We also froze their ages for the entire series. While we do have a menagerie at the Poodle Resort & Spa, we’ve never had quite as big a crew as we have in the book…


 June 21, 2003-August 29, 2014
A tennis ball obsessed Frisbee freak, Lucy was an athlete with a huge sweet tooth.



Born September 29, 2004
Chloe is a fourteen year old puppy who has been in charge of everyone and everything from the moment she was born.




November 23, 2004-July 29, 2018
The Awesome and Amazing Margaux is the reason we’re all here! For almost fourteen years, Margaux had more fun than anyone.



Born November 10, 2011
The Badooz! is seven years old and has the worst case of FOMO in history! With her famous head tilt, Susie is also a budding YouTube star.



Born November 20, 2015
Little Baby Rhonda, is three years old. We have a feeling we’ll still be calling her “Little Baby” when she is a teenager, especially if she continues to wrestle and run at the same rate.


Wolfgang the Cat

April 19, 1993-December 22, 2008
From the moment Scott adopted him at the shelter, Wolfgang the Cat greeted everyone he met with a hiss…except for his poodle sisters. Even as a mature cat, he welcomed a threesome of puppies-LucyChloeMargaux-into our home.


The Poodle Resort & Spa

The Poodle Resort & Spa is what Scott began calling our home when we realized that our Poodles had a full time, live in staff. In addition to our roles as Poodle Parents, we play the parts of chauffeur, chef, laundress, governess, butler, housekeeper, personal trainer, massage therapist, valet, dog walker…basically, a domestic couple on steroids!

It seems fitting. After all, when we designed our home, it was with our Poodles’ needs at the forefront.

The real Poodle Resort & Spa is located above our office building in Ketchum, Idaho. Although we are a stone’s throw from endless trails for hiking and outdoor activities, we wanted to make sure our home had plenty of outdoor space for the Poodles, especially since we were moving from a home with a fenced in yard into an apartment.

You would have to confirm with the Poodles, but we think we succeeded! Even though we are located in a ski resort, we chose to have more outdoor space than indoor space. Our Sunshine Deck, Main Deck and Poop Deck (that’s where the dog run is) all have water features that function as drinking fountains and reflection pools for cooling off. We have heated concrete floors that are snow and mud friendly when returning from hikes. All of the furniture is dog-friendly (or covered in towels) and toys and chews never look out of place.

The fictional version in our Waggy Tails is even more fun! That’s where we put the features we couldn’t pull off in real life…like our moat!

Pivotal Videos

Over the many amazing years we had with Margaux, we were able to capture so many moments and put them together for you to enjoy. Some will make you laugh and maybe even cry, but you are sure to feel the love we share and know you too have the strength to keep Gaux’ing.

Why Poodles?

The easy answer is that we both grew up with them. When we got married and wanted to get a dog, it was a no-brainer. Poodles were what we knew.

The real answer, however, is because they are POODLES!

Poodles are smart, funny and athletic. They don’t shed and they don’t smell.

Well…sometimes they smell. But, as Scott likes to say, “Poodles are like tofu. They smell like what they roll in.” The only time they have that “doggy” smell is after playing with one of their doggy friends who needs a bath.

We believe that poodles are little people in poodle suits. Sure, we’re biased, but as people spend time with poodles, they tend to agree with us.

A few years ago, we were walking our girls with our friend Margot and her dogs (In case you were wondering, we met Margot when we were out with our dogs and Laura called their names. Person Margot cracked up when Poodle Margaux came running. She had never met a dog who shared her name.).

Margot had always had other breeds until getting Henry, her first Poodle. A couple of years later, she got Milo, a Golden Doodle. Scott asked her about their intelligence. Margot replied, “Milo is by far the smartest dog I have ever had!” Scott froze, completely bewildered. “What about Henry?” he stammered.

“Henry?” Margot replied. “Henry is a person.”

Laura grew up in downtown Chicago and Scott grew up in suburban Philadelphia and Cincinnati. Poodles were common in both places. This was not the case for Ketchum, Idaho—population 2,706—when we moved here in 2003.

In a town populated with Labs and Border Collies, we got a lot of strange looks when we first hit the trails with our Poodles. Those looks didn’t last for long.

Laura remembers taking Lucy, Chloe and Margaux for a trail run and encountering two young guys on mountain bikes. The bikers stopped and one of them proceeded to make a speech, telling Laura something she already knew too well. “Most people think Poodles are frou-frou dogs,” he said, pointing to the girls. “But they are one of the most athletic breeds. And, they’re really smart!”

We’re happy to say that Poodles are no longer a rarity in Ketchum, Idaho. When people spend time with the breed, they’re quickly hooked. Of course, with three to four in our family at all times, we do our share to maintain the local Poodle population.

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